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Monday, 27 May 2013

Tumbling Bay Ponders - The Colour Grey

If you asked me ten years ago that one of my favourite colours would be grey, I would have never believed you.  You see, back in the mid-naughties when I was a young teenager listening to Greenday and  Blink 182, colour and black were the main things to describe my style.  I wore it all.  Chains attached to dark jeans, black, band name hoodies and bangles.  Lots of lots of bangles filled with colour.  A bit of a fashion car crash, but I have to say I thought I was the bees knees. The ultimate rock chick with the passion for fashion.  Avril Lavigne had nothing on me.

Roll on ten years, and things couldn't be more different.  As I sit here at a pub watching rugby with my boyfriend, I'm wearing a pair of smart, blue jeans, red, high heeled pumps and a long, cashmere grey jumper.  Apart from a dash of colour, I feel like my every day uniform is a grey as an English Summer.  But I don't think that's anything to feel embarrassed about.  As you all know, I love fashion.  In fact, I tend to be fairly brave with certain choices, but when there's a mad dash to get dressed, grey is my ultimate choice.

Let's look at the facts.  Grey goes with anything.  You can team a grey jumper with any brightly coloured, skinny jeans and you look instantly fabulous.  You can wear a grey suit and its instantly more powerful than a black.  You can wear a grey dress and it suits most occasions much more than the classing LBD.  Grey is the new black - modest, stylish, demure and much easier to clean.  It is not getting the attention it deserves and I want to change this, one grey jumper at a time.
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