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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Lipstick Queen - Dancing Queen Set

School is out.  Well, work is out, and to celebrate the new found freedom for the next week and a half, I took my weekly trip to Space NK for a look around at their festive treats.  Like most of us, I've more than spent my Christmas budget, so wasn't too excited when I saw the new Lipstick Queen set sparkling like the ultimate Christmas treat right in front of me.  There's nothing to get you down like the empty pocket feeling on the most excisting time of the year.
Lucky for me, my boyfriend stepped in, and a true knight in shining armour, he even let me have this before Christmas Day. 
The trio definitely live up to their expectations.  Like most lipstick lovers would know, Lipstick Queen has established a great base with stunning lipsticks with personality.  The Dancing Queens are exactly that.  A delicious threesome of seduction, playfulness and tempation.  It truly must be party season.
You have:
Cha Cha ~ glossy, sparkly wine
Electric Slide ~ glistening, sultry red
The Hustle ~ glimmering, understated nude
If you're thinking of spending any money, make sure it's on this.  It's every lipstick lover's ideal party date.

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