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Lipsticks image

Monday, 27 August 2012

Make-up ~ Dark Forces

With Autumn approaching, it's time to update your make-up bag.  Move away from pretty pinks and neutral looks, and step into the dark. 

This next month is all about dark lipsticks, so the darker the better.

Keep skin clean and fresh with only a light foundation like this Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser in order to create the ultimate base.  A dark eye pencil is a must-have.  My favourite of all times is Smoulder by MAC.  It glides on very smoothly but stays put all day. 

Load your lashes with Hypnose Star mascara for fanned out, volumised lashes, then sweep a dark blush like Plum from Bobbi Brown.  As the final touch, sweep a dark lipstick across your lips.  I love Sinister by MAC, however this was a limited edition collection back in 2010.

There are some amazingly dark lipstick colours out there, so go on, experiment!

Northern Delights

I  must admit.  It's rare for me to venture up north, but when I do, I always come back home wishing my trip had been longer.

This time around, my boyfriend and I decided to spend the bank holiday weekend in Yorkshire.  Staying at his grandmother's house, we made sure we made the most of being away from London/Surrey. 

So we took a trip to York to visit the Jorvic Centre.  Bad smell aside, it was a great tourist attraction and something to check out if you're ever in York.

York is beautiful, and, as you can guess, the shopping was pretty fabulous too.  After feasting my eyes on all things Viking, I spotted Ark Clothing.   This is a chain, that doesn't have a presence in the south, but as soon as I saw a gorgeous, leather skirt in the window, I was hooked. 
I've been looking for a skirt like this for two whole years now, but everywhere has either been sold out, or has had sizes far too big.  I'd finally found that high-waisted leather skirt I've been helplessly searching for since Autumn '10.

Top: Ark
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Boots: Kurt Geiger
Lipstick: Sinister by MAC

Ark also had this gorgeous, multi coloured knit.  With imminent Autumn, it was time to ditch the Summer dresses and get into a comfy top.  Southerners, it's definitely a place to check out.

My northern adventure also took me to McArthur Glen near York.  We originally passed this on the way back from York, but BF wasn't keen to stop.  I luckily managed to convince him the next day. 

Kurt Geiger had a special offer where everything was £39 or under.  Which is why I had to buy these boots.

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