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Saturday, 21 April 2012

The 'Simplicity' Look

When out buying make-up, we're often buying things because the colour stands out rather than what it looks against our skin tone, whether we're brave enough to wear it, or weather we even truly like it.  I'm a huge victim of this.  I walk into Space NK and head straight for the brightest colour.

But sometimes beauty lies in the most demure of tones.

Penny Lane Blush, Fathom Eyeshadow
Looking past the glitter and the shimmers, my eyed focussed on Penny Lane cream blush from Nars - a brown neutral tone that would suit any skin colour.  It's a colour you can wear with anything and won't sit in your draw untouched.

I also spotted Fathom eyeshadow.  This soft pink has a dazzle to it, so it's perfect as a base to build up your eye make-up, or worn on it's own for a touch of sophisticated glamour.

These two are definitely worth the money as you'll never be able to part from them.

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