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Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday Eve

I have to say that I actually love shopping under pressure.  The main reason for this is that I know I NEED the clothes and therefore have no reason to feel guilty for the purchases.  Occasions like these happen far too often in my life, mainly because I seem to love to make life harder for myself. 

Yesterday afternoon I decided very abruptly that I'd be staying at my boyfriend's house and go there straight after work.  Great, right?  In my head I envisaged a night in watching a movie with some take-away, then waking up early and strolling into central London. 

But there's a slight problem, and that's lack of clothes for the next day. 

Right, so here's the plan - leave work at five thirty on the dot and park in Guildford town centre.  Luckily it's Thursday so it's late night shopping.  Go to Debenhams and pick out anything.  Seriously, anything!  Oh, and don't forget the underwear.

And that's exactly what I do, expect instead of picking out anything I like no matter what the price tag (because I NEED the clothes, don't I?), I decide to hit the sales and see what I can find. I manage this:

Red mix cardigan: Warehouse
Silk Shirt: Warehouse
Leggings: Topshop
Boots: Clarks

It does however take an hour to park, have to walk to get some change for the ticket machine, then almost get smacked in the face by a woman running, but other than that the whole opertion went smoothly.

Warehouse had some amazing things on sale, and to be honest, it was a really tough choice to make.  But I absolutely love this silk shirt as it's also perfect for work wear, and the cardigan is simply divine.  I must spontaneously decide to stay over at other peoples' house more often!

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