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Monday, 13 February 2012

I heart H&M

I've often found that as soon as the new fashion season turns and brand new styles pop up everywhere, I'm unleashed and go out seeking for the perfect Spring look even though it's mid February and snow still hasn't melted.  H&M has been my one-stop-shop for a while because amongst their casual tops and essentials, you can find some amazing catwalk copycats and for a mere steal. 

Gently Does It

Jacket: H&M £29.99
Stripy Top: H&M £9.99
Blue and Pink Clutch: H&M £12.99
Light Blue Trousers: H&M £7.99
Ballet Pumps: H&M £7.99

Colour Pop

Green Scarf: H&M £6.99
Orange Jacket: ASOS £15
Green Top: H&M £9.99
Green Satchel: H&M £12.99
Skinny Jeans: Next £29.99
Ballet Pumps: H&M £7.99

 The new range of H&M ballet pumps come in five gorgeous colours and at only £7.99 you can afford to buy the entire set.  I was desperate for the emerald green ones but unfortunately they had no size 4 left. 

H&M is that perfect place where you can keep up to date with the latest trends without breaking the bank.  Perfectly on trend and affordable, it's the one store that will never lose style.

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