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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tumbling Bay Ponders: eBay

It all started with one little Miss Santa outfit for the Christmas work party, and now, a mere three weeks on I'm juggling 18 bids, have bought 4 different outfits through the Outlet and am wondering why my bank account is depleting by the second.  After all, I'm saving money...right?

Wrong.  Very very wrong. 

Because my competitive streak is taking over and I have to win each bid.  Even if I have no intention of ever wearing the clothes.  I mean, what on earth am I going to do with a Karen Millen cardigan from four years ago that isn't in my size, even if it is "BNWTS" - whatever that means!  But such is the life of an utter shopaholic.  You sign up to buy an incredibly needed fancy dress outfit (which, by the way went down a blast at the office Christmas party, thank you for asking), decide to sell some clothes you've never worn nor plan on wearing, and BAM - you find yourself completely obsessed with the Refresh button and watching each bid as if your life depends on it.

I keep setting myself targets.  Right, this time I'm only bidding as much as £25.  No more!  Next thing I know it's 3 minutes until the bidding ends and I'm fighting W***T for a Ted Baker dress (again, not in my size) as the final amount climbs ever so higher to £100.

"It's still a bargain," I keep telling myself, "you'd have spent at least twice that if you'd bought it from the store,"  But that's the key word - "if".  Yes, IF I had bought it from the store I would have definitely saved money.

But I would have never bought that particular item from the store.  After all, there's probably a reason why I never sussed it out whilst going through racks and racks of dresses at Ted Baker back when that item was a new arrival.  And believe me, I'm meticulous.  So why am I so transfixed on it now? 

At least I have an excuse for the Karen Millen cardigan.  Back in my first year of uni I got a Saturday job at the local KM store.  We had an allowance of how many times we could use our discounts on store items.  This particular cardigan came out just as my final one finished, and sadly, I never bought it.  Saying I lived in regret would be a lie - come on, even I have a life - but here it is displayed proudly right in front of me and it's only a few clicks away from it being mine.  Completely mine.  Nostalgia has a funny way of creeping into the most unwanted situations, and here was my second chance.  Even if it is at £10 more than I would have paid for it back in the day with my discount. 

Ebay is amazing at bringing out our fighting spirit.  We're all one bid away from a catfight and we all want to look like the cat who got the cream, not back away with our tail between our legs.

So will I try my best to walk away and save those pennies?  Hmm, I'll have a think about it.  The way I see it, it's not that I'm bad with money.  No, far from it.  It's that I'm amazing at bidding.  22 bids and I've only lost one (and that was on purpose after I read the item description properly).  Why hide away a skill I clearly have?  I should be proud, hold my head up high and keep clicking that refresh button.  After all, just like all talented individuals, I'm a victim of my own success ;-)

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