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Lipsticks image

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Pink Eyeshadow ~ Girly Barbie Doll Look

One of my favourite make-up looks has always been vivid, neon eyeshadow.  Bright blues, pinks, yellows and greens are a must have in my make-up bag, but unfortunately these aren't daily 'looks'.  If you're having a girly moment, here is how to wear pink eyeshadow in a super girly make-up look, but for every day.
Your must-haves are these eyeshadows by Barry M
Three wonderful shades of pink in (starting from the top) 85, 58 and 3.
  • Firstly, start off by sweeping Barry M Dazzle Dust in no.3 over your eyelids.  This is a very light pinky brown shade and will act well as the base colour.
  • Sweep Barry M Dazzle Dust in no.58 into the crease.  With its slightly more pigmented colour, this will add definition into the pink.
  • Finally, blot Barry M Dazzle Dust in no.85 at the outer corners of your eyes, as well into the crease.  This last pink shade is incredibly bright, so if you want a more intense look, go over your eyes once more.
I decided to go for a sublte pink, which can be worn day to day.
Extra tools you might need -
  • Mac lipstick in Viva Glam Nicki
  • Bobbi Brown Blusher in Peony
  • Benefit Highlighter in High Beam
  • Nars Tinted Moisturiser in Finland
  • Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Lipstick Queen - Dancing Queen Set

School is out.  Well, work is out, and to celebrate the new found freedom for the next week and a half, I took my weekly trip to Space NK for a look around at their festive treats.  Like most of us, I've more than spent my Christmas budget, so wasn't too excited when I saw the new Lipstick Queen set sparkling like the ultimate Christmas treat right in front of me.  There's nothing to get you down like the empty pocket feeling on the most excisting time of the year.
Lucky for me, my boyfriend stepped in, and a true knight in shining armour, he even let me have this before Christmas Day. 
The trio definitely live up to their expectations.  Like most lipstick lovers would know, Lipstick Queen has established a great base with stunning lipsticks with personality.  The Dancing Queens are exactly that.  A delicious threesome of seduction, playfulness and tempation.  It truly must be party season.
You have:
Cha Cha ~ glossy, sparkly wine
Electric Slide ~ glistening, sultry red
The Hustle ~ glimmering, understated nude
If you're thinking of spending any money, make sure it's on this.  It's every lipstick lover's ideal party date.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Artistic Nars

Now, we all know make-up really is an art, but lately brands are starting to get into backing culture and the arts. We saw it only a couple of months ago with Mac and the Marilyn Monroe series which pretty much sold out everywhere, and now Nars are embracing the pop art twist with their Andy Warhol inspired collection. Coming in three colour combinations, these works of art are a true make-up masterpiece. Designed for the brave and the creative, the bold colours are a true statement piece.

If colour is what you're after, Nars is for you. I've been a fan for years so can definitely vouch for it's extensive range as well as unbeatable quality. To banish the Winter blues, try the Nars soft eye pencil in Light Green.

Monday, 5 November 2012


At the moment, I am a little bit obsessed with Blanco. Every single time I visit the Westfield store, I'm in awe. Everything is right on trend, but doesn't damage your bank balance in the mean time.

I possibly bought far too much on my last visit, but I think it was worth it. On Saturday night, I wore this khaki shirt with pearl detail, and this amazing studded handbag - both from Blanco.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Make-up ~ Dark Forces

With Autumn approaching, it's time to update your make-up bag.  Move away from pretty pinks and neutral looks, and step into the dark. 

This next month is all about dark lipsticks, so the darker the better.

Keep skin clean and fresh with only a light foundation like this Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser in order to create the ultimate base.  A dark eye pencil is a must-have.  My favourite of all times is Smoulder by MAC.  It glides on very smoothly but stays put all day. 

Load your lashes with Hypnose Star mascara for fanned out, volumised lashes, then sweep a dark blush like Plum from Bobbi Brown.  As the final touch, sweep a dark lipstick across your lips.  I love Sinister by MAC, however this was a limited edition collection back in 2010.

There are some amazingly dark lipstick colours out there, so go on, experiment!

Northern Delights

I  must admit.  It's rare for me to venture up north, but when I do, I always come back home wishing my trip had been longer.

This time around, my boyfriend and I decided to spend the bank holiday weekend in Yorkshire.  Staying at his grandmother's house, we made sure we made the most of being away from London/Surrey. 

So we took a trip to York to visit the Jorvic Centre.  Bad smell aside, it was a great tourist attraction and something to check out if you're ever in York.

York is beautiful, and, as you can guess, the shopping was pretty fabulous too.  After feasting my eyes on all things Viking, I spotted Ark Clothing.   This is a chain, that doesn't have a presence in the south, but as soon as I saw a gorgeous, leather skirt in the window, I was hooked. 
I've been looking for a skirt like this for two whole years now, but everywhere has either been sold out, or has had sizes far too big.  I'd finally found that high-waisted leather skirt I've been helplessly searching for since Autumn '10.

Top: Ark
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Boots: Kurt Geiger
Lipstick: Sinister by MAC

Ark also had this gorgeous, multi coloured knit.  With imminent Autumn, it was time to ditch the Summer dresses and get into a comfy top.  Southerners, it's definitely a place to check out.

My northern adventure also took me to McArthur Glen near York.  We originally passed this on the way back from York, but BF wasn't keen to stop.  I luckily managed to convince him the next day. 

Kurt Geiger had a special offer where everything was £39 or under.  Which is why I had to buy these boots.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Polka Dot Dress

Ok, yes.  I know I'm not a child.  Yes, I'm well aware this sort of thing was designed for children.  But I have a confession to make, and that's that Horrible Histories (Barmy Britain to be exact) was possibly the best performance I've ever seen.  Sod high brow stuff - this was much, much better.

I wore this polka dot dress from Blanco.  Perfectly summery, it can also be worn for a night out.  Please excuse the flip flops - I was trying to save my feet from blisters.


Dress: Blanco:
Flip Flops: Accessorize
Sunglasses: H&M

London Calling

With Olympic fever, I just had to spend some of my time off in London, experiencing the great city like a tourist. 

We fret so much about what to wear in Winter weather, but I've never known indecisiveness like in the Summer - especially when temperatures sore higher and higher.  The problem is that at least with Winter you can layer and add detail and interest to your clothing that way.  But with Summer, that can't happen, especially since all you want to do is wear a pair of comfy shorts.

Now, I'm not wearing shorts but I did choose to go for a denim skirt.  I bought this from Blanco and teamed it with this River Island t-shirt.  I think it adds a bit of a twist to a very basic outfit.

My day out lead me to the Tower of London...
Obsessed with history, this was the perfect day out for me. 

And just across the road, my eyes caught on to the magnificent Olympic sign on Tower Bridge.  The streets of London are absolutely rammed with tourists anticipating the kick off.

Top: River Island
Skirt: Blanco
Bag: Topshop
Shoes: M&S
Sunglasses: H&M

Maximising Life in the Country

I've never worn a maxi dress before, so as soon as the sunshine greeted us this week, I decided to bring mine out on an adventure.  I've only ever bought one - a colourful and floaty dress from River Island which hasn't made its way out of my wardrobe in about a year.
My boyfriend and I couldn't have chosen a better week off work, so on Monday we knew we had to do something we couldn't do day to day.  So, my maxi dress and I found ourselves down in Barcombe for a pub lunch and a ride down the river Ouse.

I don't think I've ever felt so out of place.  A dress which would go unnoticed in London, seemed to attract a lot of attention from the East Sussex residents.  I didn't take it negatively though - The Anchor Inn was a lovely pub surrounded by fields with cows.  If I were a resident, I'd think a girl walking around in jewelled sandals and a colourful maxi dress was insane too.

Casual pose along the river bank looking at the cows.  The scenery was spectacular.

Maxi dresses aren't the most convenient of garments when getting in and out of a boat.  I came close to falling in several times.

Maxi Dress: River Island
Sandals: M&S
Bracelets: Blanco
Handbag: Fiorelli
Sunglasses: H&M

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pick of the Week - Zara

You know that feeling you get when you enter a shop and you want everything?  So overwhelmed by all the pretty things, you simply don't know where to start.  Well, that's how I feel about Zara.  In one corner you see creams and ivories that you think are perfect for the office.  In another, golden colours and bright reds.  One by one the clothes are piled atop your arm and you walk to the till satisfied thinking 'Now this was a shopping trip'.  Bliss.

If you want choice out of shopping, Zara is the place for you.  No where else on the high street would you find clothes that look like they're Chanel and at the same time find something that's party perfect. 

The latest collection is eye-catching.  You'll find dresses and accessories of all different colours that capture attention.  This dress is my absolute favourite for the Summer, and the accessories are great buys as they can be worn with so many different things.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Must-have Lipsticks

As many of you might be aware (because I don't bang on about it enough!), I'm a complete lipstick fiend.  Here are just some of my favourites.  Colours are gorgeous and worth having in your make-up bag.

Laura Mercier Lipgloss in Raspberry Sorbet

Nars lipstick in Honolulu Honey

Bobbi Brown lipstick in Pink Bikini

MAC lipstick in Up the Amp

Paul & Joe lipstick in Uptown Girl

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in Aventure

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in Coral Sun

MAC lipstick in Fabby

MAC lipstick in Plink!

MAC lipstick in Ravishing

Pick of the Week - Next

Pure and simply, NEXT are my pick of the week.  I love their current collection - from casual to office wear, Next really is the place to find exactly what you're looking for. 

I love these!!!

These items will never go out of style.  The military shirt is amazing.  It shows off your figure brilliantly and can be worn as smart or casual.

Next have a fantastic selection of denim.  I'm really into bootcuts at the moment, which is why I chose these. 

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Summer: Lipstick Queen & Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection for Women

The must haves for the ultimate Summer look!

Ralph Lauren Floral Radiance Perfume
Lipstick Queen Chinatown in Genre
Nars Cream Eyeshadow in Cosmic Girl
Benefit Bronzer in Hoola
Kiko Eye Pencil

With my June obsession with the Clinique chubby sticks blossoming rather rapidly, I started to see lipstick in a whole new light.  Whilst usually perusing cosmetic counters in a desperate search of a new colour, I rarely opt for the 'crayon' look lipstick.  But now it's in my sights, I can't seem to want anything else.


I decided to try Lipstick Queen Chinatown Glossy Pencil in Genre.  This vibrant orange pop colour in ideal for Summer.  Bold and bright, once applied, this look is instantly confident. 

To make lips the focus point, go for a nude glittery eyeshadow like Nars Cream eyeshadow in Cosmic Girl, then gently sweep Hoola by Benefit all over the face for a bronzed look.

The best perfume introduction this Summer has got to be Ralph Lauren's Big Pony Collection for women.  This much awaited range contains everything you would have anticipated - from dreamy scents to sleek, shelf friendly bottles.  Each one designed to reflect different moods and personalities.

Number 1 is the Sporty Fragrance, ideal confident and fearless women. The sweet infusion with a hint of citrus features grapefruit and blue lotus.

Number 2 is the Sensual Fragrance, representing seductiveness and spontaneity. Centred around a gorgeous scent of summer fruits , the fragrance features cranberry and Tonka mousse.

Number 3 is the Free-Spirited Fragrance, for the girls out there who are rebellious and independent. With a captivating floral scent, the main ingredients are pear and mimosa.

Number 4 is the Stylish Fragrance, for daring and dynamic women. With wild cherries and purple amber, this is a gorgeous oriental floral fragrance.

My first choice was Number 3.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Pick of the Week -

I've been a fan of for a long time.  A few years ago when I was a penniless first year university student, was my one stop shop.  With its bang on trend fashions, it never fails to satisfy the crave of a shopaholic.

It's the current clothes that make my pick of the week.  Whether it's urban safari, totally tropical or Aztec, has it all.  My particular favourite is the sundae girl range.  Beautiful, pastel colours all about frills and fancy.  The perfect dresses for the 'good girl' look.

Sheena Pleated Skirt Dress
Darcy Ostrich Effect Grab Bag
Lara Charm Detail Metal Bracelet
Rhea Coral Suedette Wedges

Monday, 2 July 2012

Benefit Ultra Plush Lipglosses

I've always been a fan of the Benefit blushers, ever since I got my first one, Dandelion, at the age of 14.  Ever since then, Benefit has always been one of my favourite make-up brands.  You can only imagine just how excited I was when I walked into the Benefit Boutique at Covent Garden and saw a brand new display of these little gems.  My heart skipped a beat.

And just like the amazing blushers, these ultra plush lipglosses do not let you down.  With the feel of a lip balm, they glide on smoothly with no stickiness.  With an amazing range of colours, you're bound to find your favourite.

I instantly bought Coralista, which I've been taking with me everywhere. 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pick of the Week - River Island

I have become a little bit obsessed with skirts.  Well, with a certain type of skirt...a dip hem maxi, or as I've grown accustomed to call them, mixi skirts. 

Being the mullet of skirts, I wasn't too enthusiastic when I first heard about these, but now having seen the different styles that are out there, I'm hooked!  Ideal summer wear, these floaty styles are everywhere.

And the place that seems to have the best ones is definitely River Island.  The mixi skirts range from short flirty styles, to long elegant lengths, and then dresses.

I really adore this red and white one (also available in blue).  The dipped hem is incredibly flattering as it gradually gets longer, rather then a direct straight cut.  I like teaming skirts with edgy t-shirts, and River Island has some amazing ones at the moment.

This outfit is ruled by River Island.  This Aztec style skull sleeveless t-shirt is one of my favourites and I've worn it with this amazing mixi skirt. 

 Top: River Island
Mixi Skirt: River Island
Bracelets: Blanco
Sandals: M&S

And some other Mixi Skirts you're bound to love!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Chubby Chaser

Dear Diary,

This month has taught me that I have a love which may exceed the love for MAC lipsticks.  It was unplanned.  Unexpected.  A true guilty pleasure that I cannot get out of my head.  The moment I saw those bright colours bouncing across the TV screen, I knew I had to have it.  Gorgeous, sensual, mouth watering shades.  I need them glazed on my lips.

I'm referring, of course, to the Clinique Chubby Sticks.  Ever since they released the 8 new shades, I have been hooked and cannot get enough.

It all started with Chunky Cherry

I love this rich cherry red so much, I had to have another one.

So I treated myself to Pudgy Peony

Which only fueled the addiction.  With June being my birthday month, my boyfriend (seeing my need to have more and because he likes it when I'm in a good mood) offered to get me two more as my birthday present - Two Ton Tomato

and Voluptious Violet

You'd think this is enough...but no.  The work lot got me Woppin Watermelon

And my mum got me Mighty Mimosa

It's safe to say my 24th has clearly been sponsored by Clinique.  6 shades obtained in only a couple of days, I'm truly optimistic about the rest of the week.

You've probably guessed that I'm a collecter of make-up, but in this instance it's not just about the names and the pretty colours.  Clinique really have an amazing range of chubby sticks that are not only amazing in colour, but great in texture too.  With no sticky residue, all they leave behind are soft, kissable lips.
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