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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Look who's here to greet you...

I love it when I forget I've ordered something, and there it is greeting me when I come home from work.  On Friday, these two surprises were waiting on my front door step.  StylistPick is definitely my first choice for bags at the moment.

And to go with the burgandy bag I had to get Eye Gotta! by Benefit, as well as these cute, sparkling earrings from Accessorize.  Looks like my Autumn will be all shades of purple.

Eye Gotta! is the daytime sister version of Eye Wanna!. I propose you get both.


  1. I love the Blair polishes and those tights are pretty cool. I've been buying tights with different patterns lately.

    xo erica

  2. Good to hear you've been buying patterned tights. The people at my office weren't as impressed by them as others :)

    Kledi x


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