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Lipsticks image

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Future's Bright. The Future Glistens.

Both nail polishes and lipstick by Paul & Joe from

Hello Beauty Bay!  I have finally found a place to quench my everlasting make-up needing thirst.  I absolutely adore this lipstick in Uptown Girl by Paul & Joe- a warm coral shade that adds heat to the wintery days.

The two nail polishes are also sublime.  Easy to apply and long lasting, these shades are perfect for some Christmas sparkle.

Nars blusher in Cactus Flower and Nars Mini Soft Touch Shadow Pencil Set -

Since my first year of university, Space NK and I have had a deep, passionate affair.  It's one of those powerful ones with undeniable chemistry that you cannot tame, nor resist.  Over the years, it has played its part in helping me find the right lipstick, the right nail polishes, and once or twice, the right man.  It has now become my haven for this time of year.  So much in fact, the the shop advisers in my local store actually know my first name.

My favourite brand of the moment has to be Nars.  An eclectic collection of different shades, it's perfect for a demure, damsel in distress look just as much as a rock chick, damsel in a dress look.

Today I bought a creamy red blusher in Cactus Flower.  It leaves your cheeks with a shy girl flush - blendable and smooth, it lasts all day.

I also bought their new collection of shadow pencil sets. From silvery and copper shades, to seductive purple and blues, this collection is the chosen one for a sultry, glam look this season.

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