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Lipsticks image

Monday, 17 October 2011

Red Autumn

I have a thing for red.  I always have done.  Red lipsticks.  Red nails.  Red accecories. Red wine.  Even red fruit.  If you describe something as either scarlet or crimson, chances are, I'm going to want it.

Principles at Debenhams - £45
So when I peeked into my mum's newely bought Debenhams carrier bag, I knew I had to have this bag.  How could you not want it?  

1) it's a delicious berry red, with orange trimming which accentuates the colour, yet at the same time makes it look demure.  

And 2) It has the cutest charm on the front of it, which my friend kept saying (as I swung it in his face on the way to dinner) that it looked like it said 'Kledi'.  Which obvously it doesn't.

I struggle with work bags as I always want something that shows proffesionalism, but at the same time doesn't hide the fact that I'm 23.  

If you want a timeless statement bag without breaking the bank, this is it.

And this is how I wore it.

I teamed it with this gorgeously elegant, dark red jacket from River Island.  It's classically cut so goes with anything and the colour adds life to any outfit.

I've chosen to wear a short-sleeved black tunic from New Look, and charcoal leggings from River Island (which are the warmest things you will ever own).  

The nude Kurt Geiger shoe boots break the dark, Autumnal colours and add a softness to the outfit.  Had I stuck to black tights and shoes, the outfit would have looked too teacher-esque.  And you don't want that.  Unless you're a teacher.

Jacket: River Island £60
Black tunic: New Look £18
Charcoal leggings: River Island £25
Taupe Shoe boots: KG by Kurt Geiger £140

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