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Friday, 21 October 2011

New Fashion Crush:

Sometimes it's difficult to re-invent your style or to keep things fresh when all you do is go to the same stores, persuse through the same styles, and shop in the same sales.  Just like a dwindling and passionateless relationship, getting out of a style rut is difficult, but essential.

The only problem is that cutting back on your fail-safe shopping is hard to do, especially when there's nothing to move on to.

Which is why new shopping websites are the first place your should try.  Let's face it, the High Street isn't miraculously going to be filled with brand new chains that hold shiny, beautiful new clothes that break your routine of going into the same shops.  But the online world does this.  Every single day.

And StylistPick is my recommendation.  Loaded with a wonderful selection of different accessories, you'll never be stuck in a style rut again.  Just log on, take the fashion quiz, and be presented with your very own showroom.  It even contains some pretty impressive stylists too.

Ophelia bag - StylistPick

Once I got that email telling me my very own showroom was finished, I was straight on there.  And my goodness were they right in what they chose! 

Seconds later I find I'm at the checkout, incredibly excited because I'm buying this patent red Ophelia bag.  
When it arrives, StylistPick have even added a gorgeous charm bracelet as a thank you.  

Unlike other online shopping arrivals, when my Ophelia bag arrived, I was not left disappointed.  What you see on the website is what you get on your doorstep.

Louise Roe Collection - Miami - StylistPick
A mere week after my first purchase, I find myself back on the website.  This time it's to see the new Louise Roe collection.  I instantly fall in love with Miami; a jewellery set of 2 statement rings and a cuff.

And packaged like a perfect parcel.  Just the thing you want to see when you get back from work.

Monochrome knitted top: H&M
Leather leggings: Topshop
Shoe Boots: Next
Cuff and Ring: StylistPick

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